WEEK 13: All smiles.

Though our nap schedule is in complete disarray this week (I have no idea why, ask the little man)… our smiles are on the up and up.  Does that make up for a tired mama?  Yes, ma’am!


WEEK 13: Sad News :(

Don’t worry… we’re all okay.

My camera – however – is not.  Trying to be all sneaky and retrieve it from Beckett’s room late last night, I dropped it.    It was a short fall and onto the rug.  Alas, the lens broke.  This will bring a screeching halt to the DELUGE of photos I’ve been taking until we get a new lens.

Just fair warning, my friends.

We’re still kickin’ and carryin’ on over here.  Not to worry too much!  (And I do have my phone to capture all those ridiculously cute Beckett smiles.)

WEEK 10: Phone Pics!

Here come random onslaught of phone pictures (that I’m finally uploading)!  Enjoy the supreme cuteness of my little Beckett boy.

WEEK 12: Three Month Doctor Visit

On Thursday, we headed in for our three month check-up.  It was really just a height and weight visit as most babies don’t have a three month visit.  We were excited nonetheless!  Beckett now weighs 9 lbs, 5 oz and is 21.25″ long.  A growing boy!  The most awesome news – we don’t have to wake him up to eat if he doesn’t wake us up first.  YAY!  (However, he’s still a predictable every-3-hour-eater… no changes on that front yet!)

WEEK 12: Trip to Vandy

Beckett and I met up with some of my former students for their tour of Vandy.  It was obviously a special trip for Beckett as it was his first time on the campus where Mommy and Daddy met!  He enjoyed (read: slept) every second of it.

Here are some pictures we took when we got home.  Beckett has officially learned to smile for the camera.  We couldn’t narrow the massive photo shoot down anymore… I apologize in advance.  We said no to the other 58 cute shots we got, trust me.