January 28, 2017 at 11:32AM

After a long week of sickness, two new teeth, some work changes, and just trying to keep up, we were all so exhausted that ALL of us slept through the night for the first time in 7 months. I woke first and then this little one accompanied me in making blueberry pancakes for our other favorite boys. Hoping this is a sign of things to come, but honestly just grateful for some sleep to keep us going. #sawyerlukeallen

January 23, 2017 at 11:30AM

Hanging with my little sickie today. Maybe the change of pace I needed for today? Please pray he feels better though; his little cough is hurting him and his mama’s heart. #sawyerlukeallen

January 21, 2017 at 07:03PM

Growing up, we always did pizza and a movie sitting on the Georgia Tech blanket on the floor of the family room. Recreating a tradition with my troop, homemade (Paleo) pizza and a movie. Love capturing their hearts through food and new traditions. #thetwobrothersallen

January 18, 2017 at 12:27AM

Tomorrow we get to celebrate #beckettjamesallen’s fourth birthday with his Montessori “Walk Around the Sun” ceremony. Tonight consisted of staying up WAY too late reminiscing about how little our boy was and how big and brace he is now!

January 05, 2017 at 02:46PM

Sawyer-bean, you are 8 months old! And oh goodness, the absolute cutest, smiliest, snuggliest little one I ever did see. This was a BIG month for you! You traveled halfway around the world to celebrate your first Christmas in Asia… and you were an absolute trooper. You gathered plenty of attention wherever we went and there is hardly a Vietnamese local who hasn’t squeezed your chubby little thighs or played with your sweet brown locks. And you just cheesed right back at them, only asking for more “oh’s” and “ahhh’s!” You must have partied too hard because you came back from Asia with two ear infections, a viral rash, and a serious case of jet lag. This month you’ve mastered sitting up, you love to play the cutest game of peekaboo, and you have learned to wave – your brother is just tickled by this one. He hugs and kisses you constantly and while we remind him to be gentle often, you don’t seem to mind the rough-handling one bit. You are his biggest fan and he is yours. We cannot imagine life without you, little one. Happy 8 months, #sawyerlukeallen!

January 03, 2017 at 03:26PM

Whew. Recovery from our adventure has been difficult. Both our littles have really had trouble sleeping and it’s thrown all of us off! Wade and I have gotten very little sleep, more or less four all nighters in a row. 😭Sawyer was up the entire night last night and we knew something wasn’t right. Took him to the doctor to find out he has two pretty bad ear infections, a viral rash, and the beginnings of hand foot and mouth. All of that plus jet lag. All of that plus I’m returning to work full time this week and he is starting at a new school. At least he’s smiling now and we are praying to see more of these smiles in the coming days. I love these boys so much but this has been the hardest. Thanks for the sweet messages, thoughts, and prayers. #sawyerlukeallen