DAY 41: Chunky monkey.

This morning was Beckett’s 6-week appointment.  We switched pediatricians and are SO pleased with the new doctor.  She was absolutely wonderful and so helpful – 100% different than where we had been before. We were definitely happy parents walking out of the office this morning.

Beckett was a total all-star.  Get this… they weighed him of course.  We were hoping he had made it to 5-and-a-half.  Oh no sir… little man is 6 pounds, 8 ounces.  Yes, he’s nearly doubled his birth weight.  I knew he was growing, but I didn’t realize by how much.  We feel blessed to have gotten to watch Beckett grow from a mere 3lbs, 8 oz all the way to 6lbs, 8 oz – and it’s only just beginning.

Because Beckett is now full term (his due date was yesterday), we start counting from zero on a lot of scales.  He now is considered 0 on the height and weight growth chart, as well as for his developmental milestones. However, the doctor was super impressed by him and said he would probably keep up with his actual peers rather than his adjusted age.  Of course, we’ll give him a little break – but his head strength, his growth patterns, his sleeping/eating routines… all on par for a 6-weeker.  Go Beckett, go!

I’ve just had so much fun with him at home this week.  Our eating routines are getting a little easier and more successful, which makes momma feel good.  Here are some fun pictures from the week:


DAY 40: Happy 0th Birthday!

Today was that long awaited day.  The online calculators, the iPhone app, and the doctors all said you would come today or sometime around today.  Little did they know…

We are so blessed to have gotten to meet you 6 weeks ago.  My goodness, it’s hard to remember life without you.

I call you muffin (along with a dozen other silly nicknames, but mostly muffin) – so we decided to bake you some muffins in honor of your 0th birthday.  (How many other kiddos can say they’ve had a 0th birthday!?)  We love you, muffin!


DAY 35: You know you’re a mom…

It’s funny – the way my habits, my routines, my thoughts, my emotions have changed over the past month – but specifically over the last 2 weeks as we take on this new adventure of parenthood with no medical professionals around.  My thoughts have been totally overhauled — and there have been more moments than I’d care to admit when I think, “Did I just think/say/do that… and how did I think that was normal?”

I guess you know you’re a mom when you…

  • Praise every burp as though he’s never done that before and may never again if you don’t encourage it
  • Squeal and feel a profound sense of satisfaction when extracting mucus from your son’s nose
  • Shower, shave, make a bed, wash the dishes, prepare and eat lunch, sweep, and warm the bottle in 30 minutes because you know that’s all the time you’ve got!
  • Feel accomplished when you get to use both shampoo AND conditioner
  • Vividly dream that you’re feeding the baby, only to wake up to him crying that he’s hungry – and you don’t understand why when you JUST fed him!
  • Prepare the bottle and your own lunch with one hand because he’s fussy and won’t put up with being put down
  • Call the dog by the baby’s name and the baby by the dog’s name
  • Can’t remember if you brushed your teeth this morning or not
  • Have a Google search history that includes 17 variations on “is it normal when baby…”
  • Ask your son if he’s “gone potty” or if he has gas when he (clearly) is not going to answer
  • Constantly talk in the 3rd person – “Mommy will go get your paci,” “It’s okay, mama’s gonna fix it.”
  • Stare at him as though he’s the TV and all he’s doing is sleeping!

No one told me this would happen so quickly!  I thought I had more time.  Alas… all for you, Mr. Beckett!

DAY 35: 2 weeks.

We’ve been home for 2 weeks.  Beckett is doing wonderfully.  We think he’s inching closer and closer to about 5 1/2 pounds every day.  We have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday – we shall see.  He feels so much bigger to us, but then I look in the mirror and realize just how tiny our little guy is.  He’s just perfect – even in those moments of 3 am panic!

We’re getting used to our new pace of life.  And enjoying it so much.  Here are some pictures I’ve taken recently.